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The Central Energy Trade Hungary Group seeks long-term business opportunities. In addition to meeting the energy needs of its partners, it supports their energy efficiency efforts and cooperates with commissioned energy experts in fulfilling their legal obligations under the Energy Efficiency Act.

Complience: Cet Hungary group fulfilled all abligations EU compliance and Remit requerements.

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Energy Trade
Central Energy Trade Kft.

Electricity trading

Central Energy Trade Kft. Is active in the liquid (CEE) and illiquid (Ukraine, Moldova, Poland) markets. Through its business policy, the company has achieved significant market share in wholesale transactions.

The company is primarily engaged in wholesale, concluding B2B monthly and annual transactions.

  • Balance sheet Cooperation
  • Balancing energy optimization
  • Wholesale transactions

  • CEE és SEE region trading
  • Consultant partnership
  • Take advantage of product optimization opportunities
Gas trading

CET Kft. Offers natural gas services throughout Hungary to non-residential customers with an annual gas demand of more than 100,000 m3.

For competitive price we are flexible in pricing method fixed or index pricing. In order to liquidate effix risk we are contracting in EURO and/or USD.

We help partners and customers in capacity optimalization.

With regard to the other terms and conditions of the contract, CET Kft. Always negotiates with the customers in person and - depending on its possibilities - to work out the individual contract accordingly.

We provide market access throughtout Europian major gas markets. Also we are operating in the most developing non-EU markets as Uqraine, Moldova.

On the basis of the wholesale background, CET Kft. Has taken serious steps to develop the domestic end-user portfolio. It has renewed its bidding and contracting system, strengthened its back office organization, thus providing an affordable, flexible and high quality service to medium and large energy consuming Users. It is better able to meet individual needs and is able to sell standard products and services with high security. info@cethungarycom.

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  • Váci út 45, Budapest, 1134
  • info@cethungary.com
  • +36 30 123 45 67
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