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We provide services to various renewable energy producers, offer a solution for efficient, automated energy management and cost savings


Automated portfolio management software

Machine learning-based portfolio management is key to building a sustainable future, which is why the CET Group and its partners are constantly looking for new development opportunities.

With the proliferation of solar power plants, regulating the electricity system has become more complex and costly. These costs are primarily passed on to producers and traders.

CET Hungary offers innovative solutions at the system level and locally to minimize balancing energy costs. Primarily in the interest of free market and METAR producers, where the trader has added value.

Our NNSS application provides artificial intelligence-based forecasting for renewable producers, and its automated Hupx intraday trader module is able to continuously manage portfolio imbalances in line with XBID market liquidity. To increase liquidity, we use innovative storage solutions that are integrated with the NNSS system.
We offer a unique balancing energy reduction investment for PV production in the KÁT balance group based on the ESCO model.


With the help of the program, it is possible to integrate all portfolio elements, thus jointly managing retail and wholesale as well as production and storage capacities.


AI learning provides the added value of CET portfolio management. It constantly monitors data and forecasts. Direct API connection to MAVIR and HUPX


Easy to use visual interfaces, dashboards. Real-time data management, creation of sub-balance sheet positions

Industrial Consumer with solar park

As part of the Esco project, we will provide a turnkey solar power plant to large consumers under a long-term supply contract. Within the framework of the project, we take over the costs and risks of the entire investment. Heat storage and thermal flexibility up to 750C °; Up to 150 bar . Provision of integrated energy systems (Heat-PV production, storage) Fulfillment of EQF obligations.


Solar park with inside accumulator storage

The group provides rental of battery storage facilities / ESCO investment for renewable producers (KÁT, METAR, free market) , with which the imbalance arising from scheduling can be managed within a meter. With 100% utilization, no production reduction .

With the short-term storage available in this way and the automatic market sales, the company group represents a unique value in the domestic energy sector.


Innovative heat storage:
The Heat supply

The group's innovative storage solution, part of a portfolio integrated into an NNSS system, provides heat users with carbon-neutral heat / steam up to 750C° and 150 bar . saturated steam heat. Waste heat recovery, heat side managing flexibility in a carbon-neutral way, significant natural gas savings Fulfill EDF obligations. 30 years of performance without degradation with minimal running costs. No charge / discharge restrictions. Provides an excellent regulatory framework for the market due to multiple inputs (electricity, heat) and multiple outputs (heat, steam).


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Building a Sustainable Future is the key to success, we are committed and we put technology at its service.


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