Electrical power trading is one of the core business of CET ltd.

Management (2004), has an active and extensive experience in the market is opening beginnings multinational environment.

Experience gained in the market in order to exploit the CET Ltd. partners and customers to the principles of reciprocity.

Joint efforts result the success of our customers and partners to consider.

We offer:

  • Balance Group Membership cooperation
  • Advisory partnership.
  • Balancing energy optimization
  • Standard product wholesale transactions
  • Non-standard commercial products and product development collaboration.
  • CCS Ltd takes advantage of market opportunities and product optimization in the entire CEE region.

We have significant experience in the market of liquidity and illiquid markets.

(Like Ukraine)

CET Ltd. appears as a contractual partner for all the major market participants’, EFET contracts and framework agreements.

Since beginning, CET Ltd. and its management active and extensively experiencedat the dynamically developing Ukrainian market. Significant market participant’s contracting party to the Ukrainian market.

  • Registered Seat:
    st,Nánási st. 5-7 Budapest, 1031 Hungary

  • Mobil: +36 20 219 3116

  • Email: info@cethungary.com

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